About Us and Red Brangus Bulls
Mr. Earl Hurels started working as a ranch hand on the
MacFaddin  Ranch outside of Beaumont, Texas, Through his
work there, he developed an acute interest and a desire to
raise quality cattle.

With the help of his son-in-law, James, he was  blessed to
acquire quality Red Brangus blood lines from the Brangus
World Ranch owner, Don Cox in 2007.  This purchase gave
Circle Js Red Brangus the seed stock it needed to start
breeding Red Brangus cattle.  Mr. Hurels worked as the ranch
manager until his death in April, 2020.  His hard work and
ready smile will be sorely missed at Circle Js Ranch.
We have  sons from some of the top herd sires at Brangus World.  After several years of careful breeding, we have
raised some of the and best quality breeding bulls in Southeast Texas. Circle Js Brangus has raised Red Brangus
cattle on high quality Bermuda, Clover and Rey grasses.  We are producing calves with consistent birth weight, growth
rate, excellent bone structure, and uniformity.
Our cattle are maintained on natural forage and mineral supplements during the winter months, and our calves have
grown to their full potential on the same rations.  We have found the Brangus breed to have a very gentle temperament
making working with them safe.  If you are interested in viewing our cattle, please contact our ranch.  
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The IBBA registered Red Brangus Cattle is certified at 3/8 Brahman and 5/8 Angus.  This mixture of cross breeding has
produced the quality of beef consumers have come to enjoy and packers expect from top quality breeders.  This breeding
mixture has given us the type of cattle that will produce and perform in the hot and humid weather of Southeast Texas.
In Loving Memory....
In Loving Memory....
Mr. Earl Hurels
Mr. Earl Hurels
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