We sell Bermuda and Bahai Hay
Bermuda grass is a dominant,
introduced forage type in the
Southern Great Plains and along
the Gulf Coast. This grass species
is an excellent warm-season
perennial grass that stands up to
grazing pressure and responds well
to fertilizer and moisture.

Cows can meet their nutrient
requirements on bermuda grass
during the growing season and with
stockpiled forage in the fall, if
calving timing is correct.
Bales of Bermuda Hay
Bahia grass, with proper management,
provides fair to good pasture and hay, and can
be used in woodland pasture systems
(silvopasture). Forage quality depends on soil
fertility and grass stage of growth. Bahia grass
hay is leafy, but difficult to make because of
bahia grass' prostrate growth habit.

grass has several characteristics that
make it valuable as a pasture grass. Bahia

grass tolerates a wider range of soils than
does bermuda
grass or dallisgrass. Compared
with hybrid bermuda
grass, bahiagrass tends
to green up earlier and remain green longer in
the fall, but lacks the drought tolerance of the
bermudagrass on deep sandy soils.
is resistant to weed encroachment due to an
extremely thick thatch formed and tolerates
close, continuous grazing better than most
other grasses. The species also produces
levels of dry matter on soils of very low fertility
and, finally, is established from seed.
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